The Rising Leader Award

The Rising Leader Award  recognizes an individual who is under the age of 35 OR has been working in hospice for less than five years and exhibits exemplary professional accomplishments and a commitment to hospice. They are known to go over and above on a regular occasion and are considered an asset to the team.

Nominations are now closed.

Nomination Checklist
Please prepare the following items for your nomination.

  1. The requested contact and descriptive information for the team nominated and the nominator.
  2. A paragraph (200 words or less) which includes ALL of the following information:
    a. Description of the employee’s contribution and addition to the team. 
    b. At least two examples of leadership.  
  3. 3-5 photographs of the nominee.
    Examples: headshot, nominee “in action”, processing bill at desk, as a team, or the results of your nomination project.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Nominations must be made from someone other than the person being nominated.
  • Nominations must be approved by the appropriate department manager and the agency CEO (or designee).
  • The nominator is responsible for soliciting and compiling all required nomination materials and for submitting the completed nomination forms. The Submission of supporting materials is encouraged, but not required.
  • Member or nominee may not be currently serving on the FHPCA Awards of Excellence Selection Committee.

We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Awards of Excellence Luncheon on Thursday, May 11, 2023 at FHPCA’s Forum: Connect and Cultivate.