Every day hospice and palliative care professionals, well-versed in policy and best practices, have to find ways to address the individual needs of each patient. Much like looking into a kaleidoscope, clinicians learn that the slightest adjustment can change and entire picture. The sessions for FHPCA’s Forum: Care Kaleidoscope will provide inspiration and new ideas for change no matter how great or small. Click Here to Register Online!


Opening Plenary: Enhancing Well-Being for People with Dementia
with Dr. G. Allen Power

In this session, Dr. Power will explain the drawbacks of a narrow biomedical view of dementia and offer an alternative, “experiential” model. He will present a framework for well-being and create a pathway for a proactive approach to support and care, addressing the need to transform several aspects of the care environment in order to meet the changing needs of individuals living with dementia. Through sustainable results, this method addresses distress and reduces potentially dangerous medications, regardless the type of dementia or where the person lives.

 Closing Plenary with Dr. Stephen Leedy:
Lost in Translation: The Linguistic Kaleidoscope of Hospice 

The ever important role of  language in end-of-life care will be addressed by Dr. Stephen Leedy in our Closing Plenary.  The language clinicians use influences the reality of their patients every day.  Dr. Leedy will explore this reality from the use of common terminology, to language in surveys, eligibility, advocacy and statistics. This session will provide tools to handle the idiosyncrasies of care through a change of language.

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