Opening Plenary with Partners in Leadership: Pam Duke

You Matter: A Picture of Accountability

What you do matters. You are with patients and their families during the most sacred times in their lives. Every interaction you have with patients, their families and your colleagues frame the beliefs they hold about you.

Discover how utilizing a powerful and insightful model known as The Results Pyramid, coupled with innovative cultural management tools, will help you in creating a world class patient & colleague experience while becoming a more accountable leader.

You’ll be challenged to answer the questions:
(1) What beliefs are being held about me that I want to change?
(2)What do you want to do as a leader

(3)Who do you want to be?

Closing Plenary with Dr. Mary Lynn McPherson
Paving the Road Ahead: Innovation, Education, Speculation


Aligning Business & Clinical Practice for Success

Speaker: Patti Moore, The Watershed Group

Great hospice and palliative care organizations allow the business and the care they provide to thrive, grow and contribute to the communities they serve. Learn the components of creating and maintaining a mission driven organization where clinical practice excels in cooperation with successful management of the organization.

Being an Accountable Leader (Plenary Follow-up)

Speaker: Pam Duke, Partners in Leadership

In follow-up to the keynote, we will have a guided discussion and Q & A around what it looks like to be an accountable leader as well as take a more in-depth look at the cultural management tools.

Building Your Marketing Toolkit

Speaker: Mark B. Cohen, Hospice News Today

How to communicate your hospice’s key messages effectively at a time when hospice audiences have never been more diverse, more fragmented? How to communicate your hospice’s key messages through traditional media when your local newspapers and television stations have never been under so much duress? How to capitalize on new media opportunities when their sheer number and demands threaten to overwhelm your hospice’s ability to manage its communications functions?

You simply can’t do it all. No hospice has the resources necessary to completely master its media and marketing domain. But there ARE ways to better leverage the scarce resources you’re able to dedicate to hospice messaging and marketing. Building a versatile hospice marketer’s and communicator’s toolkit is an essential step in maximizing the impact of your hospice’s messaging.

Steps to Ensure Your Palliative Care Program is Not a Loss Leader

Speaker: Christopher Acevedo, Hospice Fundamentals

Most initial planning and/or operational discussions begin with the providers stating something along the lines of “I know this program will always lose money, but…” While palliative care may not be one of the more lucrative specialties, it should not be a given that developing a palliative care program will result in a new loss leader for your entity. In this session we will explore the importance of committee to a solid infrastructure along with considering payer mix and community partners and the significance they play in the long-term sustainability of a palliative care program.

Compliance is for Everyone

Speaker: Leigh (Bergstrom) Pollock, consultant

A truly successful organization has a robust compliance program that is utilized and engaged by all departments of the hospice program. This workshop will provide an introduction and discussion on the seven critical elements of a compliance program and how they might be applied to your organization and department.

Common Pharmacomistakes in Advanced Illness: Opioid Conversion Miscalculations

Speaker: Mary Lynn McPherson, University of Rochester

Patients in hospice and receiving palliative care often require a switching their opioid regimen, including both routes of administration and dosage formulation. Participants in this fast-paced, case-based, FUN activity will consider an opioid-related scenario, identify the error, and recommend a preferred course of action. Participants will leave will a thorough understanding of opioid dosage titration, switching between routes of administration and formulations, and from one opioid to another.

Creating a Culture of Care

Speaker: Patti Moore, The Watershed Group

Leaders of the past related to the workforce by telling people what to do, leaders of the future will be asking and listening to engage their workforce.. Creating a culture of care is not for the faint of heart, it takes courage, strength, leadership and humility to lift others up while holding them accountable.

Unleash the Power of Process Improvement in Your Organization by Stopping the Madness of Data Insanity: Part 1

Speaker: Paige Hector, PaigeAhead

Never before have hospices been held more accountable and more scrutinized internally as well as publicly. Using data to identify, and impact, areas of process improvement is a crucial component to a successful organization but unfortunately staff get stuck wasting time and money comparing just two or three data points.

Every time a bar graph, trend line, or variance-to-goal graph is used, or staff is asked to justify why numbers are different, time and resources are wasted, and no progress is made. This session is going to be an eye-opening, no holds barred expose of what we are doing wrong with data and how to make it right.

Fiscal responsibility and conserving previous resources including staff time and energy, are imperative for sustainable improvement and the overall health of the organization. We will delve deeper into the data facets of improvement using actual hospice metrics.

Unleash the Power of Process Improvement in Your Organization by Stopping the Madness of Data Insanity: Part 2

Speaker: Paige Hector, PaigeAhead

This session is a hands-on workshop in which attendees will learn how to transform raw hospice data into run and control charts.

Attendees will learn step-by-step calculations to employ the statistical theory of improvement and how a useful graphical display acts as a springboard for the decision-making process for improvement.

The presenter will teach specific improvement techniques of stratification (using a Pareto Matrix) and disaggregation to identify appropriate action and improvement projects. Attendees will learn the correct order of improvement strategies and how to avoid the mistakes of jumping to the most aggressive strategy in the form of a premature process of improvement plan. This session will appeal to the math lover AND the math-phoebe alike.

Defining & Developing a Hospice Messaging Platform

Speaker: Mark B. Cohen, Hospice News Today

What is your message? What do you want your key audiences to think of when they read or hear your name? Who, in fact, is your audience? And, in a world of limited resources, how can you best reach that audience?

Hospice messaging has come as far and developed as much as the hospice movement itself. What worked for providers 20 years ago—not-for-profit and for-profit providers alike—seems hopelessly inadequate in today’s world of non-stop news cycles, ever-changing media ownership and viral media.

It’s so easy to get drawn into the maelstrom, lurching from one hot button issue to the next viral moment. But what may appear to be successfully managing the unmanageable—in reality abdicates control of your most vital messages.

This workshop will look at the how and why of promoting an effective hospice messaging platform in a world of crazy.

Evolution and Utilization of Simulation for Professional Development

Demora McClave, Trustbridge

Bring the future of learning to your hospice organization! The expectation of this course is to provide you with the awareness that simulation can provide value and organizational excellence as an experiential learning tool. The presentation will include the evolution of Trustbridge in creating a dedicated high fidelity simulation area. The goal of using simulation within the organization is to develop confidence and competence in palliative and hospice care.

Fueling the Mission: Increasing Capacity and Decreasing Drag

Brianna Delarosa, Suncoast Hospice | Empath Health

Are you thriving in a world where emails are manageable, meetings are productive and projects are completed well ahead of schedule?

If not, join us in a conversation about organizational drag and its impact on your mission. This session will explore strategies related to the intentional management of precious resources in your hospice: the time, talent and energy of your workforce.

Feel empowered and inspired to make operational improvements that make space for meaningful work and create value for your patients, families and staff.

Hospice Financial Tools

Gregory Hathorne, HathorneSquared

This session will present and discuss various useful hospice financial tools such as basic financial statements, a brief accounting updating, cost report discussion and certain industry trends. This session intends to be a discussion-oriented and the presenter will answer specific questions related to financial statements, accounting, ost reporting and budgeting. Due to the increase in acquisition activity in Florida, presenter will be ready to answer questions related to AHCA’s PFA forms.

Physician Services are on the OIG’s Radar – What now? 

Christopher Acevedo, Hospice Fundamentals

Hospice physicians and consulting physicians are extremely involved in the care of your hospice patients and the lack of these services can catch the eye of the OIG. This session will discuss integrating the care these physicians provide into the fabric of your organization. From incorporating these services into the foundation of quality clinical care, to ensuring your hospice organization is capturing all of the appropriate revenue generated by these practitioners (including non-physician practitioners and those you may contract with for services), we will discuss the benefits and compliance risks that may be flying under the radar.

OIG Inspections and Whistleblower Lawsuits

Leigh (Bergstrom) Pollock, consultant

A “whistle” was blown and now the OIG is knocking on your door. What do you do next? How to prepare and navigate an inspection from the Office of Inspector General.

Palmetto GBA Update: Tools for Medicare Success

Speaker: Charles Canaan, Provider Education Consultant at Palmetto GBA and Mekisha P. Callaham, Senior Provider Relations Representative at Palmetto GBA

Provided in two sections over one morning, Charles and Dan will provide the 2019 Palmetto GBA Workshop to Forum attendees. Topics include: Data Utilization and Top Denials; Recertification; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS); 2018 “Need to Knows” and other Data Driven Topics; Comparative Billing Report and Reminders among much more!

Please note: FHPCA reserves the right to change any title or speaker for this conference. 

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