The Barbara Janosko Excellence in Leadership Award

The Barbara Janosko Excellence In Leadership Award recognizes a mid-level manager whose work has promoted the advancement of excellence in hospice and palliative care. Barbara Janosko, RN, MSM, distinguished herself as an exceptional leader in the state of Florida throughout her 19-year career in hospice and palliative care. Her pursuit of excellence and quality interdisciplinary practice raised the bar of practice within her hospice program and our state. Barbara’s professional knowledge, strong ethics and collaborative leadership style epitomize the excellence leadership we admire. We honor her memory with this award. The winner of the Barbara Janosko Excellence in Leadership Award demonstrates exceptional service, creativity and leadership, not only in their own hospice program, but also through inter-organizational relationships.

Nomination Checklist
Please prepare the following items for your nomination.

  1. The requested contact and biographical information for the nominator and the nominee.
  2. An essay (less than two pages) which includes all of the following information:
    • Examples of personal leadership and exceptional service or creativity demonstrated by the nominee in his/her role.
    • Specific ways the nominee demonstrates and promotes communication, cooperation and collaboration within the nominee’s team, department and hospice organization.
    • Description of how the nominee’s qualities, actions and work have promoted the advancement of excellence in hospice/palliative care.
    • Examples of how the nominee promotes inter-organizational relationships.
  3. At least one digital photo of the nominee.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Nominees must have a minimum of two years hospice and/or palliative care experience.
  • Individuals must be nominated by their hospice (cannot self-nominate). Nominations must be approved by the department manager and the agency CEO (or designee).
  • The nominator is responsible for soliciting and compiling all required nomination materials and for submitting the completed nomination forms. The submission of supporting materials is encouraged, but not required.
  • Nominators may be asked to participate in a telephone interview with the Awards of Excellence Selection.
  • Nominees may not be currently serving on the FHPCA Awards of Excellence Selection Committee.

We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Awards of Excellence Luncheon on Thursday, May 30, 2024 at FHPCA’s 39th Forum.