The Hospice Story Award

The Hospice Story Award is given to the person or organization that best captures his or her most meaningful hospice experience with an original creative work. The award recognizes an individual in any role within a hospice organization who most creatively and effectively conveys what their hospice experience means to them. The story can be told from any viewpoint, be it spiritual, humorous, sensitive, reflective, inspiring, challenging, etc., and may use a variety of creative mediums. The award recognizes that the work of hospice is transformative and purposeful; changing not only those we serve but also those who serve.

Nomination Checklist
Please prepare the following to be included in your nomination:

  1. The requested contact and biographical information for the nominator and nominee.
  2. A digital copy of the story, video or art piece being nominated.
  3. At least one digital photo of the nominee.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Nominees must have a minimum of one year hospice experience
  • Individuals must have at least a year of hospice experience.
  • Individuals may self-nominate or be asked by their hospice to submit a nomination.
  • Nominations must be approved by the department manager and the agency CEO (or designee).
  • Applicants must submit original, non-published prose, poetry, journal entries, blogs, Facebook wall posts, tweets or other word-based entries about their most meaningful hospice experience with a limit of a thousand words.


  • Applicants must submit original, non-published painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, videography, weaving, or other art-based entries about their most meaningful hospice experience. A photograph (or DVD) of the art piece must be submitted and the piece should be titled. An explanatory narrative may also be included (up to 500 words).
  • The nominator is responsible for soliciting and compiling ALL required nomination materials and for submitting the completed nomination forms.
  • Nominees must not be currently serving on the FHPCA Awards of Excellence Selection Committee

We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Awards of Excellence Luncheon on Thursday, May 30, 2024 at FHPCA’s 39th Forum.